Press Kit

for Cloud 9 Golf & Travel

You only live once but if you do it right once is enough.

-Mae West

1. Company Overview

Our mission is to inspire and empower young professionals to travel the world, do what they love, and get paid to do it.


Our generation is unhappy. Most of us work too much, get paid too little, and don’t make enough time or money to do the things we love. Cloud 9 Golf & Travel inspires and empowers young professionals to pursue happiness through leisure and travel.


Everything comes down to time and money. Our blog will inspire our generation to make positive improvements in their professional and personal life so that they can spend more time doing what makes them happy.


Cloud 9 Golf & Travel is the modern man’s guide to leisure and travel. We have two components to our guide: Self Improvement and Travel / Leisure.

Self Improvement: Time and money are both currencies. We’ll inspire and educate our generation on how to set goals and relentlessly improve with the ultimate outcome of creating more time and money.

Travel & Leisure: Imagine being in your twenties or thirties and having both time and money. Our team will feature our favorite places around the globe to travel and play golf.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

–Milton Berle

2. Our Team

Our team is comprised of ambitious, slightly crazy millennials. Each of us have unique experiences and areas of expertise which collectively and individually allows us to succeed.


  • B.Sc. (Business / Marketing), Trinity University

University Achievements: 

  • SCAC – First Team All Conference, 2007
  • SCAC Academic Honor Roll, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • National Society for Collegiate Scholars, 2006-2010

Golf Facts

  • Tournament Wins: 5
  • Best Score: 65
  • Current Handicap: +2
  • Favourite Club: 3W

Nash Kassam, Co-Founder

In 2003 our founder Nash Kassam picked up a golf club for the first time to take a break from competitive hockey. Two years, and about 2 million range balls later, he got a scholarship to play golf down in Texas. Over the next 4 years Nash had a disappointing college career despite working with some of the top swing, fitness, and mental coaches. He set out to find the missing link in his senior year by getting university approval to create his own research class titled– How Elite Amateurs and Golf Professionals Can Improve. In conjunction and with approval from the PGA Tour, Nash analyzed over 2 million shot link data points and wrote a 40 page thesis paper on golf and self improvement.

In 2010 Nash graduated from Trinity University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Marketing), and minor in Speech Communication and Physical Education. Hell bent on testing out his thesis, he started Total Golf Improvement – an academy that helps elite golfers improve their game through statistics, mental training, and fitness. With the ambition of eventually turning pro, Nash shifted his focus on making money to support his pipe dream.

In 2012 Nash launched a healthcare technology company with his twin brother. Nash’s goal was to exit the company as soon as possible and use the funds to finance his golf dream. After several years of 80 hour work weeks and decline in his golf game, Nash finally pulled the plug for greener pastures.

Over the past year Nash has focused on achieving his definition of success – being able to do what you want (money freedom), when you want (time freedom), with the people you care about.

Nash is our living definition of the modern man. He’s constantly trying to get better at everything he does and has set up passive revenue streams that enable him to do whatever he wants.

Liam Mackay, Co-Founder

Liam started playing golf at the tender age of 15. With the ambition of college and eventually professional golf, Liam enlisted Nash’s services at Total Golf Improvement to get better quickly.  Two years later, Liam was admitted to top schools around the world including Oxford and Stanford.

Still not quite ready to make the jump into collegiate golf, Liam went to Australia on a gap year. In Australia, he worked as a territory sales manager and rep for Nike Golf, earning a six-figure salary. Despite making more money than most 18 year olds, Liam felt unhappy with his lack of time freedom – he had to work more than 60 hours a week with his job and didn’t feel like he had the time to do what he loved, play golf.

In the spring of 2015, Liam went back home to Vancouver to sort out the next chapter of his life. In the summer that followed, Liam and Nash came up with the idea of Cloud 9 Golf and Travel. They both share the common passion of golf, are always eager to learn new things, and both revel in being able to do what they want, when they want; Cloud 9 Golf and Travel seemed like the perfect fit. Liam has been working with Nash on creating passive revenue streams to finance a golf trip around the world. To Liam, Cloud 9 Golf & Travel is living proof that if you set goals and work hard to achieve them, anything is possible.

Golf Facts

  • Tournament Wins: 4
  • Best Score: 62
  • Current Handicap: +2
  • Favourite Club: Driver

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

-Neale Donald Walsch

3. Our Trip

Our goal is to experience the best golf around the world. We hope to inspire and empower others to chase their cloud 9, whatever it may be.


May – July: California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

September: New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

October – December: South Africa, Asia


January: Australia

February: South America

March-June: United States / Canada

July-September: Europe

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life – it’s about what you inspire others to do.


4. Marketing Opportunities

We both have something unique to offer – let’s work together and help each other grow.

To offset some of our travel costs, we are excited to offer some unique marketing opportunities in exchange for in kind products, services, and rates.

what we give

Display Advertising – Get exposure to ambitious young professionals who have an interest in golf, travel and making money. We have display advertising on both our blog and directory.

Blog & Social Media Exposure – Our followers will learn more about your business based on our awesome experience. We’ll subtly promote your business through our social channels.

Directory Listing – Gain exposure from people using our directory to find their next destination!

Badges / Reviews – Our team will review your business after our experience and give you a badge of honor. Display that badge on your website and in your marketing collateral as a proof point to increase conversion rates.

Press Releases – We’ll write a press release and feature your business in it. The press release will be syndicated to hundreds of news outlets to help you gain exposure and search rankings.

Digital Marketing – Our team has a background in web design and digital marketing. We’d be happy to help you grow your business online.

what we’d like to take

Discounted or Industry Rates  – As our following grows we are in a unique position to give you exposure on our blog and social channels. We’re happy to promote your business more than initially planned for special rates.

Testimonials – Our goal is to help your business grow. If our promotion of your business helps you reach your goals, we’d love a testimonial to show prospective businesses we reach out to down the road.

Backlinks – We’ll be giving you a badge of honor to display on your website. We’d love for you to use the badge / review we give you on your website and print collateral to help us build our brand.

Accommodation & Travel Advice – Travelling around the world is extremely expensive! If you have any contacts in the accommodation industry (Hotels, Resorts, Air BnB etc.) we’d love an introduction. Any local advice on places to eat and things to do would also be much appreciated.

Our team will work with your PR coordinator to customize a trade that is mutually beneficial.

Cloud Nine

noun, Informal.

  1. a state of perfect happiness (usually in the phrase on cloud nine).

5. Contact Us

We’d love to chat and solidify our travel dates. Please feel free to contact Nash Kassam directly at 778-323-7866 or fill out the form below to request a call back.


402-1630 West 1st Avenue,
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1G1