Test Group Trip Proposal – Scotland

September 2023









From $3,067


From $1,945


*St. Andrews Old Course not included in trip pricing, see details in itinerary section below


Self-Drive Vehicle

Transportation for your trip would in an automatic, self-drive 9-seat van (VW Caravelle or similar). Our price includes GPS navigation, unlimited mileage and basic comprehensive insurance.



Day 1

Day 1

Arrive at the Edinburgh Airport and drive 1 hour and 15 minutes northeast to St. Andrews.

Check-In: Old Course Hotel (4 Nights)

The Old Course Hotel is a 5-star hotel located alongside the 17th hole at St. Andrews’ Old Course. Recognized as one of Europe’s leading resorts, the hotel has 144 classically elegant guest rooms, the revitalizing Kohler Waters Spa, an award-winning restaurant overlooking the famous Road Hole, plus the Road Hole Bar – which boasts one of the best whisky selections you will find anywhere. With five star service throughout and one of the premier locations in golf, it’s simply hard to beat.



Day 2

Day 2

Drive 1 hour and 30 minutes west to Waterville.

Golf: Waterville

Located at the end of the Ring of Kerry, Waterville effortlessly encapsulates the beauty and serenity of County Kerry’s Macgillycuddy’s Reeks Mountains and Atlantic shoreline. Don’t be fooled though, as the course is as challenging as they come. In fact, member Tiger Woods has been known to fine-tune his game there in advance of the Open Championship.


Day 3

Day 3

Drive 40 minutes west to Glenbeigh.

Golf: Dooks

Founded in 1889, Dooks is one of Ireland’s oldest clubs and also one of it’s most beautiful. The course sits along the Ring of Kerry between the McGillycuddy Reeks mountains and Dingle Bay and its distinct, quirky layout is an absolute joy to play.


Day 4

Day 4

Today is a day of leisure with no golf.

Recommended: Visit Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park is Ireland’s oldest national park and stretches southwest from the town of Killarney towards the McGillycuddy’s Reeks, Ireland’s tallest mountain range. Unspoiled woodlands, lakes and waterfalls dot the landscape across much of the 25,000 acres, while popular attractions near Killarney include Ross Castle and the Muckross House.


Day 5

Day 5

Drive X hours and X minutes DIRECTION to TOWN.

Golf: St. Andrews – Old Course*

As a 30-time Open Championship host and universally considered the Home of Golf, the Old Course in St. Andrews needs no introduction. Champions like Nicklaus and Woods have strolled across the hallowed Swilcan Bridge en-route to victory, meaning the course will forever be etched in history.

*not included in trip pricing, see details below

St. Andrews Old Course

Day 6

Day 6

Today is a day of leisure with no golf.

Recommended: Visit Blarney Castle

Built nearly six hundred years, Blarney Castle has attracted millions to wander its gardens, explore its magical Rock Close and climb its castle tower to see the legendary Stone of Eloquence, Ireland’s most famous rock that is thought to endow the gift of gab to those who kiss it.


Drive X hours and X minutes DIRECTION to TOWN.

Check-In: Trident Hotel (2 Nights)

The Trident Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Kinsale, County Cork. The hotel is perched right alongside Kinsale Harbor and many of the comfortable and beautifully appointed rooms feature stunning water views. The town-center is just five minutes away by foot, but the hotel’s Wharf Tavern & Terrace restaurant and quay-side Foredeck Bar just may be all guests need to get the most out of their stay in Ireland’s foodie capital.



Day 7

Day 7

Drive 20 minutes south to Old Head.

Golf: Old Head

Dangling off of Ireland’s southern coast atop a promontory that towers hundreds of feet above the Atlantic, the Links of Old Head occupies perhaps the most spectacular setting for golf on the planet. Enough said.

Old Head

Day 8

Day 8

Drive 40 minutes west to Glenbeigh.

Golf: Dooks

Founded in 1889, Dooks is one of Ireland’s oldest clubs and also one of it’s most beautiful. The course sits along the Ring of Kerry between the McGillycuddy Reeks mountains and Dingle Bay and its distinct, quirky layout is an absolute joy to play.


Day 9

Day 9

Drive X hours and X minutes DIRECTION to depart via the CITY Airport.

Additional Information

Old Course Note:

Our price does not include the cost of your round on St. Andrews’ Old Course, since we recommend that you apply for a Private Advance tee time package directly through the St. Andrews Links Trust. During an application period that typically runs from August-September, groups of two to eight golfers can apply for an Old Course package for the following year’s High Season, which runs from mid-April through mid-October. Application results are usually posted in October and, if successful, the lead golfer will pay the Links Trust directly for both the Old Course tee time plus an additional round on one of the other Links Trust courses (£340 per package for 2020-21). We will walk you through the application process but please note: For your trip dates, Old Course package options (and any corresponding application dates) have not yet been published and availability of Old Course tee time packages is at the complete discretion of the St. Andrews Links Trust.

Success in the application cannot be assured. However, there are a few alternative options available should your application be unsuccessful:

1. Ballot: Just about every day the Old Course is open, a “ballot” system allocates a handful of tee times to golfers who wish to enter the lottery. In fact, almost half of the Old Course tee times each year are assigned through the ballot! We will enter your group (in fourballs) on each day that you are in St. Andrews and ballot times are available, and we will let you know of the results as soon as they are posted 2 days prior to each date of play. If you receive a tee time on a day that you already have golf scheduled, we should have no problem moving your round to accommodate the Old Course tee time.

2. Standing-by: The first tee starter at the Old Course operates a “stand-by” list on each day the course is open. On average anywhere between 10 and 30 spots are available to single golfers and getting a tee spot is as simple as being one of the first golfers to arrive to the course.

While we can’t guarantee that you will obtain an Old Course tee time through the process outlined above, your chances are very good, and especially for groups who are in St. Andrews for several days (Old Course is closed on Sunday). Additionally, for groups willing to make use of the stand-by list as a fallback option, odds of success improve to somewhere between very good and certain.

Should you end up unsuccessful, there is always an option to book a round at another one of the great courses in the St. Andrews area. The other Links Trust courses in St. Andrews (New, Jubilee, Castle, Eden, etc) actually leave a portion of their tee sheet open each day for walkups. Also, there are several other popular courses in the area not on your itinerary, including Elie, Lundin and Crail, and we could almost certainly find you a tee time on short notice at one of them.



• 6 nights stay in twin/double OR single rooms at the accommodations stated above
• 5 rounds of golf
• 7 days of a luxury motor coach with driver/assistant plus final day’s airport transfer as outlined above (all vehicle costs covered)
• Breakfast daily
• Trip-planning services of Cloud 9 personnel and comprehensive pre-trip documentation through the Trip Plans App
• Taxes and service fees

Not Included

• Airfare
• Travel Insurance
• Tips and Gratuities
• Rental Clubs
• Gas, Tolls, Parking
• Caddie and Cart Fees
• Meals other than breakfast

Per Person Pricing*

*pricing based on 7 participants traveling September 2023

Golfer – Shared Room:

$3,146 ($800 deposit due per golfer)*

Non-Golfer – Shared Room:

$1,995 ($400 deposit due per non-golfer)*

*discounted 2.5% for payments via ACH/E-Check or paper check

Possible Additional Cost(s):

2-Round Old Course Package:

£340 per golfer (based on 2020-21)

The prices shown above are valid for 14 days. In order to confirm the trip and lock in your trip price, the next step is to pay the initial deposits as outlined above via the Book Now link below.

Payment of your initial deposit signifies your intent to travel with Cloud 9 Golf and Travel. Upon receipt of your payment, Cloud 9 will lock in your trip price with currency contracts and will pay non-refundable deposits to suppliers (golf courses, hotels, etc.) on your group’s behalf. Therefore, please note that payments made to Cloud 9 are non-refundable and we strongly encourage all clients to purchase travel insurance (shop travel insurance quotes here). Please see our T&Cs below for additional information regarding payment terms and policies.

Terms and Conditions

Cloud 9 will provide you with a Trip Proposal outlining the services that you have requested for your vacation package. To accept the Trip Proposal, payment of the Initial Deposit must be made within 14 days by all participants in your group. Once all deposits have been received, Cloud 9 will proceed with confirming the necessary bookings for your vacation.

Payment of the Initial Deposit signifies your intent to appoint Cloud 9 to act as your agent to obtain the services you have requested. Payment of the Initial Deposit also signifies that you understand our booking conditions and have accepted them on behalf of yourself and all members of your party.

If you are booking as part of a group, you must designate a “Lead Participant” responsible for sharing these Terms and Conditions with each trip participant. Cloud 9 is not responsible for any participants misunderstanding of these terms and conditions due to the failure of the lead participant to share this information.


Prices are stated in US dollars. The per person trip price is based on the number of participants as stated in the agreed upon Trip Proposal. If the number of participants changes, trip prices may change. Cloud 9 is not obligated to give a breakdown of the costs associated with a trip. Prices are valid for 14 days from the date the Trip Proposal is sent and, if all Initial Deposits have not been received within 14 days, Cloud 9 reserves the right to adjust the price.


Trip payments are payable directly to Cloud 9, and are payable by paper check, E-check/ACH, MasterCard, VISA or American Express. Unless otherwise stated above, payments are due to Cloud 9 in two installments and must be paid in accordance with the following schedule:

Initial Deposit – An Initial Deposit, as outlined your Trip Proposal, is due upon acceptance of the Trip Proposal. The Initial Deposit is non-refundable unless Cloud 9 is unable to provide tee times at any of the courses on your itinerary (this excludes the St. Andrews-Old Course if included through the advance application or any other courses that have been identified as being subject to availability).

Final Balance Payment – Unless otherwise stated, the final payment will be due approximately 90 days prior to departure and we will send an invoice to your group to confirm the exact due date.

Links Trust Payment – Groups that receive any tee times directly from the St. Andrews Links Trust must pay additional non-refundable payment(s) directly to the St. Andrews Links Trust. This agreement is exclusively between the group and the St. Andrews Links Trust. Cloud 9 is neither responsible for any missed payments nor responsible to deliver the agreed upon service. In some instances, our trip prices may include the St. Andrews Links Trust fees, but this is only for the purpose of full disclosure of your applicable trip costs and does not indicate that Cloud 9 is a party to the agreement between the lead golfer and the St. Andrews Links Trust.


Once Initial Deposit(s) are paid and trip bookings are in place, a Confirmed Itinerary will be sent to you to show all confirmed bookings for your trip. In certain instances, changes to your itinerary may be necessary at the time of booking and these will be communicated to the Lead Participant prior to confirmation. Once agreed upon bookings are confirmed (will be shown in your Confirmed Itinerary) date changes are subject to availability and may result in additional charges, including the loss of non-refundable deposits, if applicable.

All payments to Cloud 9 are non-refundable (except as stated above in Payments regarding the Initial Deposit), so we urge all of our clients to purchase trip cancellation insurance and you can shop travel insurance quotes HERE. (Specifically, we strongly encourage clients to purchase Covid-19 cancellation coverage, which allows travelers to recover trip costs should they contract Covid-19 and have to cancel or suspend their trip. Costs associated with trip cancellation/interruption, medical expenses, and mandatory quarantine can all be covered to reduce risk.) Should you wish to forgo travel insurance and then have to cancel your trip, you will assume full financial responsibility. Also, refunds cannot be issued for unused portions of the trip package, including for missed reservations due to disrupted air travel. Name changes are usually possible, and, with only a few exceptions, deposits are transferable should you need to find a replacement traveler.

In the case of a partial cancellation prior to final payment (only a portion of the group cancels), the trip price(s) for group member(s) who still plan to travel may increase to cover the unpaid prorated costs associated with the cancelled trips.

Travel Documentation:

It is the duty of each group member to have a valid and current passport, if necessary, along with any other documents that may be necessary to travel (visas may be required for some destinations). Cloud 9 is not responsible for travel delays or cancellations that result from an invalid or missing travel documentation.

Course Handicap Requirements:

Courses included on your itinerary may have handicap limits. It is the responsibility of each golfer to have a valid handicap card/certificate to present where required. Cloud 9 is not responsible for fees or cancellations that result from missing credentials.

Required Mobility:

Some aspects of your trip may require a certain level of fitness and/or mobility to participate and it is up to each group member to assess their capabilities. Cloud 9 is not responsible for cancellations that result from a failure to meet these requirements.

Hotel Bookings:

Unless otherwise stated, our price assumes double occupancy, shared rooms and is based on standard rooms. Upgrades are available at many hotels for an additional charge but requests for upgrades should be submitted to Cloud 9 upon paying your Initial Deposit.


For chauffeured groups relying on the services of a driver, our price assumes that all group members will arrive and depart together from the same airport on the same day at approximately the same time. If additional transfers are required or an expense is incurred to cover a driver’s waiting time, the additional cost will be passed along to your group.

Self-drive prices, if included in our Trip Proposal, include collision and theft insurance policies with small deductibles. However, the deductible can be reduced to zero for a daily fee, payable upon picking up the vehicle. Also, our self-drive prices cover one designated driver (between 25 and 74 years of age) but a second driver can be added at initial pick-up for little or no fee (depending on branch location).


Cloud 9 acts only in the capacity of agent for the passengers in all matters relating to transportation, accommodation, golf, and other services. Cloud 9 is not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage caused by any Force Majeure, health issues, acts of God, acts of government or other entity, wars, or threat of war, industrial dispute, disaster, terrorism, riot or civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, inclement weather or any other circumstance beyond Cloud 9’scontrol. Furthermore, Cloud 9 is not liable for injury, illness, accident, loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings resulting from neglect or default of any golf, hotel or transportation supplier or from neglect or default of any other person supplying services or materials. Cloud 9 reserves the right, without advance notice, to make any changes or cancellations, in part or in whole, as circumstances dictate, to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of trip participants. Cloud 9 shall not be liable for any act, event, or omission of passengers sharing your transportation, nor for the damages, including theft of luggage or personal belongings, personal injury, accident or illness, that occur during your trip.

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If you would like to see any changes to the proposal, please let us know below and we will update the proposal accordingly and be back in touch shortly.