The 2018 Open Championship – Before

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The British Open this year is going to be pretty much what you would expect from any Open Championship, Firm, fast and unpredictable. The wind will howl, guys will get stuck in bunkers, balls will be lost in knee high grass and Jean Van de Velde’s name will be brought up about 1000 times. Carnoustie is burnt out this year more so than most and that should open this event right up. This isn’t going to be a year where we see someone overpower the golf course. Everyone is going to be long out there, so the guys who normally overpower courses with length may be less of a factor this week. The person who will win this event will have the best short game in my opinion.

When you eliminate length as an advantage in any given event it puts more focus on the other skills. Some guys on tour are in a different league when it comes to driving abilities and they win events because they are hitting wedge when everyone is hitting 7. That won’t be the case this week. Everyone will be long and most likely hitting their approach shots from very similar places. In my opinion, the best scorers from the fairway will have the most success. Another major factor, as always, will be short game. However, getting the ball in the hole at The Open requires a little more creativity than it does at any other event.

The bunkers are deep, the greens are fast and you can putt from, well, pretty much anywhere. This isn’t your typical PGA Tour course with lush green grass surrounding the greens and fairways. This is links golf at its finest and in order to be successful you have to possess a lot of skill and imagination. Playing away from the hole is sometimes your best bet and hitting a putt while facing away from the hole is oddly enough, normal. You must be confident and creative out there. The game and the courses we play now are made to fit the eye of modern day golfers but links is where the game originated and this is how it was originally meant to be played.

The Champion golfer of the year will be awarded on Sunday and you better believe that they will deserve it. Carnoustie is a real test and if history has taught us anything, at this course, it isn’t over until it’s over. Enjoy The Open everyone, I know I will.