Top 5 Places to Play in Vancouver

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The high end golf scene in Vancouver is unfortunately dominated by private clubs but not all hope is lost for the weekend golfer. There are a good number of public courses within driving distance from the Greater Vancouver Area that you should definitely consider playing on your next trip to the west coast of Canada. Here are my top 5!


Number 5 – Fraserview Golf Course

This piece of property is carved into a pretty residential part of the city but they have done well do make it feel like you’re, for the most part, golfing in the forest. There is great undulation to this 18 hole track certain parts of the course offer breathtaking views. I have always greatly enjoyed playing at this course and pleasantly surprised by the quality and esthetic it offers. Definitely not to be overlooked if you’re a fan of the Pacific Northwest style of golf course!


Number 4 – University Golf Club

Another underrated course in my opinion. This place has no 2 holes alike. Everytime you step on a tee box you’re encountering a challenge that is like no other you have previously seen that day. The course is kept in very impressive condition and a course like this will test every part of your game and will amaze you with massive beautiful trees lining almost every fairway. This is my favourite public course within the city limits of Vancouver!


Number 3 – Northlands Golf Course

About a 30 minute drive from the heart of Vancouver, Northlands is a great escape. This course is seemingly up in the mountains and the elevation change throughout the day is evidence of that. DO NOT WALK THIS COURSE! Was that clear enough? The 1st time I ever played here I walked it and it was not fun. This is a cart golf experience for sure. Overall this is an amazing place to play and a perfect representation of mountain golf in the Pacific Northwest. Northlands in my opinion is definitely a must play.


Number 2 – Seymour Golf and Country Club

Remember at the beginning of this post when I said that the best golf courses were all private within the Greater Vancouver Area. Well that is still true but there is 1 tiny loophole. That loophole is called Seymour Golf & Country Club….on Monday. This course opens its doors to the golf loving public for 1 day a week! Monday you can attempt to get a tee time at the beautiful Golf Club and I highly recommend you do so. Seymour is another perfect representation of the golf course style in the PNW. Massive trees, green everything and manicured perfectly! This place is an absolute treat to play and also a real test. If you can get a time on Monday, consider yourself lucky and enjoy!


Number 1 – Northview Golf & Country Club

Northview boasts 2 amazing golf courses and is truly an escape from reality. It’s approximately a 50 minute drive from Vancouver to the front gates at Northview and it’s definitely worth it. The Canal course is slightly easier than it’s sister track, The Ridge, but still a beautiful place to spend the day. If you’re looking for a real test and unmatched beauty, tee it up at The Ridge. This 18 hole masterpiece is a lot of fun and definitely memorable. Great elevation change, water features and plenty more amazing features that will leave you feeling like you definitely got your money’s worth! Make the drive, take the time and pay the money! It’s all worth it!


If you’re a golfer and Vancouver isn’t on your list of places to play, it definitely should be! This city is a tourism melting pot and great golf is just 1 of the many things you can do here to ensure you have an unforgettable experience on the West Coast of Canada!